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Falbo Guitars is a division of Falbo Designs, a company founded on the notion that the best products exist where innovation and practicality meet. Respect and honor for the innovation, craftsmanship, and materials that came before us is imperative. It gave us our favorite vintage instruments. The past is part of our lives, part of every work of art we've experienced thus far. It is respect for this history that begets wisdom, and wisdom plus creativity begets innovation. Without innovation we stagnate. We chase incremental improvements in the status quo. Innovation without practicality produces products that may excite other engineers, but add little value to the lives of musicians.


I feel as though I've been playing, inventing and designing guitars and guitar related products for nearly my entire life. I began playing at 8. By age 12 I was replacing pickups and leveling frets. While other young guitarists were idolizing guitar heroes, some of my guitar heroes were luthiers and guitar designers. I wanted to know how and why everything works. So much so that by the time I was a teenager in bands, I was playing on gear that I'd built, trying out inventions and modifications. Still, I'm a player before I'm a designer. Chances are, I've walked in your shoes to some degree over my 30 years of playing, and it shapes dramatically how I design products for you.

Though I may be vision-driven, let me be clear; I'm constantly listening to every one of you. I'm not the self-centered designer, certain that just because I like something, it is the best. I have wants and needs as a guitarist, but they may not be the same as yours. I watch you, I watch the forums, I watch how you use the products you have, and how you cope with their shortcomings. I get a greater charge out of making products that excite you than those which excite me, though most of the time they are one in the same.  We are a close knit community, and more things unite us than divide us.​

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