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Falbo Designs was founded on the notion that the best products exist where innovation and practicality meet. We develop products that have an impact on the lives of the artist, and the industry. In some cases, products that have single-handedly caused competitors to change direction. Products that receive critical acclaim, and meet or exceed educated forecasts. This innovation and drive is available to you if it will help your business. From simple consulting tasks to full-service product development and business development services, Falbo Designs can help "right size" your situation and increase mindshare in your interests.

Sometimes there are products we don't even know we need until they are invented.  A good designer/inventer can see beyond face value. Like the P-Rails and Liberator, my hope is that the Intension bridge system is another example of innovation and practicality combining to enhance your creativity and expression.

To contact Falbo Designs about licensing and consulting opportunities, click HERE.

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