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Falbo Intension bridge design


The first thing you will notice is the brilliance and presence of the high treble is highly active. It does not require much playing energy to produce balanced, crisp highs. They seem to jump off the guitar. Deep lows are also present. They are breathy and vibrant, but not overwhelming. They remain tight, and do not produce "woofy" artifacts, and are balanced regardless of the string(s) and fret(s). The midrange is strong but balanced. This is where you the player are free to define and manipulate the voice of the guitar with your playing. Many guitars have a favorite way to be played. Some are strummers, some are fingerpickers, some like dropped, open tunings, some prefer the A chord at concert pitch. A guitar made with the Falbo Intension bridge system excels in all playing positions, picking styles, finger skin, finger nails, plastic or tortoise shell picks, every detail and nuance of your creative expression is translated. The guitars have a voice, but they also have your voice.

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